Anonymous: Then maybe you should turn off anon? Anyway, Ichigo B L U S H E D. He is very attracted to Orihime. Kubo makes it clear. Ichigo never blush like that for Rukia, and the peachbutt scene does not count because like you said, Ichigo he did not think about her butt until Kirinji said it looks like a peach. Same logic you used in your reply. Except. Kubo devoted 2-3 pages for Orihime and only 1 small panel for the peachbutt scene. XD The IR reunion will be nakama based as usual.


Dear anon,

I don’t have to “turn off” anon, since it is your choice to use it when it able to be used.  Which, in a sense concludes that you are cowardly expressing your opinion.  I don’t have to do anything, it is you who chooses to be anon; not I.

So are you implying that just because he “BLUSHED” he is attracted to Orihime?

Have you forgotten these moments as well?


Are you implying that since Ichigo BLUSHED at a NAKED Yoruichi; he is attracted to her?

Are you also implying that since Ichigo BLUSHED at Rangiku as she attempted to seduce him; that he is attracted to her?

Let me also throw this is, did Ichigo notice Orihime’s clothes before Chad asked him? 

No, he didn’t.  I am pretty sure he didn’t give two shits about her clothes as they are in a middle of a war.  

He noticed Rukia’s peachy ass without any indication of someone else.

No one had to ask him “Hey look what do you think of Rukia’s ass!!

He blushed because of the deep meaning behind Kirinji’s comment.  You know about penetration? The sexual innuendo behind his words.

Are you also implying, since Ichigo BLUSHED at Kirinji’s sexual innuendo words, it could be implied he is SEXUALLY ATTRACTED to Rukia.

Rukia doesn’t need 2 or 3 pages, to show her sex appeal.  Her sex appeal is based on class, on how she carries herself.  She doesn’t need to dress up all provocatively; to gain Ichigo’s attention.  She is someone, who actually gets his undivided attention.

There isn’t anything good about those 2 or 3 pages.  It basically, shows that Orihime had to get out of her comfort zone.  To catch Ichigo’s, attention and in the end it didn’t work till Chad said something.  

That is something, a woman should never do.    

Kubo is basically saying, it doesn’t matter if she dresses provocatively; she still wont get his attention.

Like, I stated before the story began with IR and it will end with IR.  

I am pretty sure, IR is beyond nakama levels.

IR is the end game.

Try again, anon.

This time be more courageous and choose not to use anon.